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There was once a man, let’s call him John. Now John desperately wanted to achieve business success. For years he ran his own company and would always run into obstacles along the way. He felt strongly that he knew what was best for his business and that he could accomplish all the tasks involved with growing his business.

What happened with John?

John dealt with various segments of the business – he did procurement, marketing, sales, and put all the responsibilities of the business on himself working long hours. At one point he realized that it would be beneficial to hire someone to work with him. So that’s what he did – he hired a colleague, and they did all the daily tasks together.

However, John still lived in his belief that only he knew what was best for the company. Regardless of hiring an extra hand, he still held all the creative control and assumed all responsibility. In consequence, his newly hired colleague was constantly waiting for John to tell him what to do and how to do it. The colleague had a lot of ideas, but John stubbornly didn't listen to them. With pride, he held true to the philosophy that only he knew how to run the business the right way.

Nonetheless, success was still out of reach. John was not satisfied. Despite hiring a new colleague, he still did everything. He still didn’t have any free time, and his return on investment for the new hire was minimal. So, he decided to fire the colleague.

Dissatisfied with the situation, he went home after a long day's work. On the way home, he fell asleep on the subway. Deep in his slumber, he started having an interesting dream. In that dream, he was working for another man who had his own company. The man was very successful, as was his company. He had many people working for him and in that company and every employee knew their role and their responsibilities with that role. Every employee had the freedom to make decisions regarding their job.

Deep in the working day, John noticed the man sitting at his desk, thinking of future endeavors and writing down his thoughts. When John asked him what exactly he was doing in the office, the man replied that he was writing a business strategy for his company. He was trying to turn all his visions into goals and to devise the path towards operational steps that his team would later perform.

At that moment John woke up from his slumber. He realized that in order to have a successful business, you need the freedom to think and plan. Time is everything, and whether you can save time through hiring employees for the purpose of delegating tasks or automating aspects of your business so you can save the time to plan out your operational growth.

Digital Transformation gives you those tools. You see John loves his business. He takes pride in owning the responsibility of creating a successful business. However, it's important to work smarter and not harder. Transforming digitally gives you those possibilities. Through automating tasks and delegating certain functions of your business to the ever-growing innovative technology, you can have time to really think about the growth of your business and initiate your strategy for future success.

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