„Have you heard the news? We got a new store in town!“ That’s how it used to be done, but today everything is on a global level. Today, your shop can be wherever, and your buyers can range from Los Angeles to New York and from New York to London. Whether your shop/warehouse is in Belgrade or Stockholm, you name it, the market is worldwide. So ask yourself, who are you selling your products to? 

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If you are still selling only to the people who pass by your shop window, it is definitely time for a change. But for every change, one needs a bit of encouragement. Let us be your initiators of change. Let’s make an impression on the world with your new shop.

If this is still not enough to spark that light in you, and you are wondering how we are going to do it, here is the answer from your future digital transformation team:

First, we will do a deep analysis of what sets you apart from the competition.

Then we will determine who your customers are and what is important to them.

Based on this information, we will choose colors, arrange all the elements, and make sure that everything is easy for the customer to understand.

Once you adopt the proposed solution, we will move on to coding and constructing your new shop.

When we have finished developing, we will start enlisting products. You can do it alone if you enjoy doing that, or we can do it for you.

After that, we will start writing texts and product descriptions. And as stated before, if you like to write them yourself, we encourage that, and if not, we will be there to make your life that much easier.

Once everything is constructed to your satisfaction, we will plug you into the digital world, set your sail, and see you off to greater horizons. We just hope that you will remember us and at the very least send us a postcard.

If you are ready for your new adventure, just make an appointment, and we are good to go.