Cyber Security

In the old times, we used to put all our goods and information on ships and sail them across the seas to their designated locations. On the journeys, there were thieves, there were pirates.

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The same goes for today. Except they are plundering with computers. The more data we are putting into our company’s technologies, the more cyber-pirates will be looking to steal our plunder. It’s important to keep your operation safe and secure.

Hiring cyber security professionals that give you real-time analytics on your technologies, will ensure you a safe journey and give you the peace of mind to run your operation as you see fit.

Our crew members are highly experienced professionals with skin in the game and will help protect you from the cyber-pirates out there looking to steal your most valuable asset, data.

Our detection time is less than 3ms which makes us 10,000 times faster than any other cyber software. We place outside traps and use them to learn in real-time about new, unknown attacking IPs. We offer more than 100 different antivirus checks. We have a video reconstruction steam that will allow us to view in real-time the attacks that are present. We are willing to offer source code deposit to provide additional levels of assurance to customers regarding what we do with data that are processed and how securely it is coded.

We are experienced professionals with a history of clients that range from large government institutions to small private businesses. We are transparent with the actions taken to secure your data and offer you a real-time analysis of ongoing threats. Trust starts with communication so what we know, you will know.

Stop the plundering, call in the Armada! Keep your information safe in the digital world.