Digital Armada

We are Digital Armada!

A powerful fleet on a mission! We emerged from the depths of the digital sea with one goal, to scale your business.

The focus is on You

Your visions, dreams and ambitions are our main priorities. The Digital Armada fleet will guide, push and challenge you to explore the ever-expanding horizons of the digital realm. We are your vessel into the digital future, and you are the Captain!

Each transformation needs more information

What we do?

We scale businesses. Our mission is to understand the wants and needs of our clients and provide them with products and services that boost their competitive edge in the market.


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Do you know who your customers are, or do you just try to sell your story and see how it goes? At Armada, we focus on directing your sales and marketing activities towards growth and sustainability.

Business transformation

Digital transformation

Improving sales and marketing

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Software Development

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From websites to applications, our crew has the talent and experience to produce the quality products you so desperately want and need.

Web development

E-commerce development

Web / Mobilne app

Landing page developemnt

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Canva is not an omnipotent super-tool, nor it doesn't make us into designers overnight. Sometimes having a professional designer to do the job can elevate your originality and help you tell your story and stand out in a competitive marketplace. 


Web / mobilne app

Web desing



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Digital marketing

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With the use of digital tools, we will help position your team to free up time and invest in gathering resources and generate new ideas to grow your business.

Content Planning

Managing social networks



PPC campaign

Setting and reaching targets


Setting hypotheses, testing & validation

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Employer branding

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We all want to work in a company that we think is great. Knowing you have a team of people you feel comfortable with, who know their job, and who are willing to thrive, makes all the difference in your organization. Let’s turn wishes into reality and coach your team into a powerful crew.

analysis of personal values ​​of team members

creating the persona of the ideal candidate

creating customer journey from the point of view of the person applying for the job

pirate funnel metrics

creating a tone and voice of communication

setting hypotheses and methods for validation

implementation through digital channels

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How we do it?

Relationships are everything. Trust requires 100% honesty. So, there is no fuss, all cards on the table. Through effective communication, we can produce results that get us closers to our goals.

  • Phase 1. Analysis

    • - Who are your customers/clients?
    • - Who are the competitors?
    • - What do customers particularly like?
    • - How do competitors do it?
  • Phase 2. Strategy

    • - Why does the company exist? What is it that you do especially well?
    • - What is UVP*?
    • - Creating a business model, creating Personas and JTBD** methodology.
    • - Proposal of tone and voice of communication, visual identity, mapping the user path, setting the Pirate Funnel or metrics, mapping the necessary applications.
  • Phase 3. Operational part

    • - Creating Wireframe, UX, encoding applications
    • - Create posts for each of the touch points
    • - Creating content for applications
  • Phase 4. We Go Live

    • - Launch campaigns
    • - Play applications live
    • - Linking tools via API to a website
    • - Setting up experiments and monitoring results
  • Phase 5. Monitoring, promotion, monitoring

    • - KPI monitoring
    • - Making operational conclusions
    • - Implementation of new ideas through new experiments

Get things going.

Our partners and clients 

They trust us not because we look good on business cards, but because we produce results!


Who’s the Crew?

We are a group of enthusiastic visionaries that hold each other accountable for our duties. From work to play, we provide ourselves with a company culture that’s essential in competing with the ever-growing digital world. So, meet the Digital Armada and join us as we set sail into the digital horizon.

We believe that success is the result of well-directed activities. You know what you want. We know how to make it happen.